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Stories in Credit Analysis- complete book

November 12, 2010

Stories in Credit Analysis

This book has 11 chapters. The individual chapters are seperately available in seperate posts.  The chapters are:

Chapter 1 Credit versus Venture investing

Chatper 2 What is the Credit Story?

Chapter 3 Consolidated Financials and Consolidated Risk

Chapter 4 Valuation of Assets and Liabilities

Chapter 5 Efficacy of Working Capital Management

Chapter 6 Contingent Liabilities, Contingent Assets and Contingent Margins

Chapter 7 Return on Capital Employed

Chapter 8 Management and Covenants to keep Management honest

Chapter 9 Financial Pojections

Chapter 10 Not much Mathematics required

Chapter 11 Stories in Credit Analysis


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  1. Michael Murphy permalink

    Dear Conrad,
    Could you please e-mail me a copy of your book in pdf format as I was unable to download it.

    With Thnks,


  2. Raghavendra permalink

    Hello Sir

    How do i download a pdf of this book ?

  3. PAUL permalink

    How can i access this book? This sounds great

  4. Prateek permalink

    @ Michael Murphy, Raghavendra & Paul:

    Here’s a direct link to Sir’s book:

    You may copy paste the above address onto your browsers address bar or use a download manager to download the same.


  5. Dear Conrad,

    Could you please send me a copy of your book in pdf format to my e-mail, as I was unable to download it.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Hisham Al Orfali
    Credit Consultant
    Global Reach Credit Information
    Office # +963-11-211-6700 Ext.# 113
    Mobile # +963-93-284 6583

  6. harmeet singh permalink

    Amazing writing sir…….just love the examples

  7. Thank you Harmeet

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